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International Academy of Astronautics
IAA Space Exploration Conference
Planetary Robotic and Human Spaceflight Exploration
January 09, 2014
Washington DC, USA

A pre-Summit Conference of the


Heads of Space Agencies and their delegations gathered, in company with policy makers, government representatives, distinguished scientists, and leading Academicians from all over the world, on Friday 10 January 2014, in Washington, DC for an unprecedented IAA Heads of Space Agencies Summit on Exploration to follow-on with the 2010 Summit Declaration.  In part with the gathering, renowned leaders from space-faring nations engaged in dialogue on topics of international concern: Planetary Robotic and Human Spaceflight Exploration.

Ronald Reagan Building, Washington DC, USA

As an introduction to the Summit, the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) organized on Thursday 9 January 2014, a pre-Summit Space Exploration Conference that invited authors to present papers in any of the six sessions covering the topics of planetary robotic and human spaceflight exploration: (1) Human Aspects in Spaceflight, (2) Scientific Goals in Robotics Missions, (3) Technical Factors:  Enabling Technologies/Common Requirements, (4) Private Industry Role in Space Exploration and Exploitation: Technical, Policy, and Legal Considerations, (5) Space Exploration: The Imperative of Global Cooperation and (6) Space Stations Utilization for Robotics and Human Spaceflight Exploration.

15 Nov 2013 to 20 Dec 2013


Early-Bird Registration
1 Jul 2013 to 15 Nov 2013
Abstract Submission Date
1 Jul 2013 to 15 Nov 2013
Paper Submission Date
20 Nov 2013 to 20 Dec 2013
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