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4 Little Know Facts About CBD Oil

cannabis oilCBD oil, also known as cannabidiol is an extract of the marijuana or cannabis plant. It is a chemical whose composition is continuously bewildering researchers on its effects on improving health. Cannabis has been used for medical and recreational purposes for millennia, yet it receives significant backlash from governments and players in the health sector. The many benefits of CBD oil have helped change the views of many about the medicinal purposes of marijuana.

The backlash is attributed to THC, which as yet another chemical in cannabis but one that is very different from CBD. THC is what gets you high and with varying impacts on health. CBD oil is like is the ‘better brother’ because it lacks the same side effects of the THC and poses significant benefits from a health and medicinal point of view.

1. Beneficial Ingredient In Cannabis
Of the many ingredients in marijuana, CBD and THC are the most prominent primarily because they have the highest concentration in a plant. However, it is possible to alter that volume of the two chemicals to have more of one than the other. As such, an engineered cannabis crop can have a lot of the CBD than the THC. Growing such strains help change the perceptions people have about the cultivation of cannabis since these will mostly be grown for medicinal purposes (for the production of CBD oil).

2. CBD Is Not Psychoactive
Many people have their reservations about the use of CBD oil because it is a by-product of marijuana and the thing that it will make them high. CBD oil is not like THC that is known to give the high synonymous with the use of cannabis; as such CBD is not a psychoactive substance. The chemical will not have the same influence on the user’s mental capacities when it comes into contract with their brain’s pathways as would THC. CBD will not affect the user’s psychological functions thus it is 100% safe.

3. CBD Limits THC Effects
The effects of a lot of THC in recreational cannabis is what cause the disorienting high, drowsiness, and the munchies. The strains of recreational marijuana with a high amount of CBD will not have the same effects. Why? The reason the CBD counteracts the effects of the THC rendering it relatively harmless.

4. Medical Benefits
CBD is being researched in the treatment of various diseases. For instance, CBD oil has been found to aid in helping people dealing with excessive nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. The chemical is known to have a potent effect in suppressing and preventing seizures. Also, CBD oil is being used in treating neurodegenerative disorders. Other notable health conditions and wellness concerns being addressed using CBD include PTSD, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, cancers, type 1 diabetes, and depression.

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